About us

Unfollowers.me is a web application created by @chiax to track twitter unfollowers. Its a simple application that checks twitter unfollowers, and you have a right to know who has unfollowed you. We make easy for you to find out people who are un-following you and work upon things that you're doing wrong. If your a business, you surely don't want to lose followers. Or if your an individual you can always get a sense which of your unfollowers don't like your tweets. We offer a unique way to inform you about your unfollowers. We will never use your twitter account for any activity without your permission. You should carefully select options when signin, our notification take into consideration of those settings. We provide a advance way to DM your new followers in safe and unique way and you can start an interesting conversation. You need to login once and we will start tracking your unfollowers and you can come back anytime later to check your twitter unfollowers history.