Unfollowers.me is a simple app to track your twitter unfollowers. We use optional email or tweet notification to notify you about your unfollowers.

How do i get started?
Just click on the signin via twitter link on top or on homepage and we will start tracking your followers.

You missed my followers.
Unfollowers.me check followers every 24 hours for freemium account and every hr for paid account, so it your follower stopped following you in between that time, then we will most probably miss him.

Will you use my account to send out tweets?
We don't do that without your permission. When you login your asked to opt for send notification via tweet, only if you select that we will notify you unfollowers by tweet.

How can i stop tweets about unfollowers from my account?
When you create an account do not check "Post a tweet to notify my unfollowers". You can check/uncheck it anytime from settings link at top menu (You have to be logged in to http://unfollowers.me).

Can you automatically remove the unfollowers?
According to twitter TOC we cannot do that. But you can remove the unfollowers with just simple clicks.

Why do most of my unfollowers gets suspended?
I don't know the exact mechanism of how twitter suspends users. Its highly advisable to follow twitter rules to not get suspended.

How do i unsubscribe from unfollowers.me?
If you really feel like unsubscribing from unfollowers.me. The easiest way is to remove access of our app from twitter application settings. You can also disable it by going to settings and clicking "Disable account" or you can drop a message via contact form telling us to unsubscribe with your twitter username.

What does "force user to unfollow you" button do?
Suppose a user is following you and you don't want him to see your tweets, you can click force user to unfollow you and that user will unfollow you. Its useful if you want inactive accounts to unfollow you or if you want to remove stalker, although if you don't want them to follow you again ever, hit the block button then.

Why don't you remove the limits on follow/unfollow/block/mention/dm
In an ideal world we would have wanted the same, but we have our own running costs, being a premium user help us manage that and help us grow and make this service even better for you.

What are points for? and how can i use them?
Points are a way to find and checkout fellow unfollowers.me members. You can offer points and interested users will follow you if they like you, the more points you offer more users will can find you. Similarly you can get points by following other users. This is a good way to find users with similar interest. Our recommendation system will suggest appropriate users for you to follow so you make a healthy relation.

What is explore feature?
With explore you can search for 3Million twitter users that are subscribed with unfollowers.me. Find the users that are like you and similarly users can find you easily. Its a great way to increase visibility.

I don't want to recieve DM or welcome tweet anymore from the site members
We have a DND (Do not disturb) list, add yourself to the DND list, and you won't recieve any more messages or mention tweets from our site members.

If you have any other queries feel free to Contact Us.